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Since completing a master’s in creative writing from Northwestern University, Ted has worked as an Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Air Force. Before that, he studied languages and worked as a consultant in Asia. His education trained him in languages and literary fiction, while his job trained him to carry a weapon. The work has acquainted him with Korea, the DMZ and certain individuals who inspired his protagonist Agent Pok Seo-jun. His short stories, both fiction and nonfiction, can be found in publications such as: Midwestern GothicSuperstition Review and Sleet Magazine.

“His mind replayed it, not for guilt or pride but for kill-digestion, essential for those who killed for a living."



After one of his missions goes bad—in a very public way—South Korea’s top agent Pok Seo-jun finds himself deactivated, alone, and haunted by suspicions that his late father spied for North Korea. Worse, a supposedly dead North Korean arms dealer, Kang, resurfaces and kidnaps the son of a prominent politician.

An escapee from a North Korean death camp, Kang steals people and secrets for ransom to fund his ambitions to level Seoul with nuclear weapons. He also claims to be Pok’s older brother. To stop him, Pok must face dark family secrets linking him back to the North, and even his own death.